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Geography: Periods 1,3,5
Instructor: Mr. Korb   
Welcome to 9th grade Geography!

quiz europe climate/physical
quiz 10/20/15
ch 11
europe map quiz
thursday 10/15/15
secret state of north korea
finish questions (look in file section "north korea assessment")
if you need to watch it again or parts you missed use link

Discussion Topics
 Africa poplation now 1 billion.docx
Article for reading/writting 11/16/12
 Africa Study Guide.docx
Africa study guide
 Aids background info (3).docm
AIDS background info
 Bizarre Foods Mongolia.docx
questions from the video
 Caste System in India.docx
assignment for caste system readings
 Chinese Art - One Child Policy.docx
article and questions on art and 1 child policy
 Continent Project.docx
continent project
 Discovery Atlas Japan assign.docx
assignment for discovery atlas japan
 doubling up population.pdf
answer question for 1/29/13
 EDL readings questions.docx
questions for the EDL reading
 elements of geo graphic organizer.pptx
assignment due 8/21/12 - graphic organizer
 Europe One pager Topics.docx
Europe 1 page topics
 ganges reading questions.docx
Questions from handout on Ganges
print and complete by Friday 10/10/14
 HIV fact sheet.pdf
AIDS fact sheet
 Isaac and Ishmael.docx
Isaac and Ishmael assignment
 Last Train Home Essay.docx
last train home essay
 Mission Statement EDL exerpts.docx
EDL reading - remember, not my viewpoint but what is happening in Europe
 My European Vacation.docx
Europe project 2013
 Still Life with Rice Questions (2).docx
questions for the reading
 Study Guide East Asia.docx
study guide for east asia
 Study Guide Europe.docx
Study Guide Europe
 Study Guide South Asia.docx
South Asia Study Guide
 Study Guide unit 1 geo.docx
study guide for unit 1 test 9/21/12
 Study Guide unit 1 geo.docx
study guide for unit 1 test
 Study GuideGro Final10.docx
Study guide for fall final exam
 timeline mideast.doc
mid east timeline due 4/10/14
 Wild China Questions.docx
questions for video
 World in the Balance.docx
questions for video
 You Can Grow Your Brain Article.pdf
First week crit thinking (SEE-I)
 Yugoslavia Article.pdf
Yugo article for 10/17/12
No "Homework" exist(s)

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